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One of the toughest decisions women face when it is time to get dressed is accessorizing. Especially because, when it comes to tops or blouses, we face the decision of pairing our accessories with the different types of necklines available. But there are so many that you can’t help but questioning everything: long necklace? Something big? A small pendant? Layers? See? So many questions!

When pairing your top and your necklace, it is important to determine the type of neckline you’re wearing and also, the occasion. Because sometimes you don’t need a necklace, but earrings. Or a bracelet, or many bracelets. There are necklaces made for specific necklines, but it is necessary that you feel comfortable with your choice. If you look in the mirror and still have doubts, just change. However, the idea behind this post is giving you tips, so let’s get to it!

Fearless. One of the best things about fashion is that there are no rules. Seriously. The whole idea behind fashion is that you can feel confident about what you are wearing. For instance, some chokers might make your neck look shorter, but this will only happen if you choose something that doesn’t fit you. However, the best and first advice is to not be afraid of unusual mixes.

Choose your goal. If you are looking for an accessory that helps you elongating your silhouette (visually), you need a long necklace. These look amazing with V necklines, but you have more choices than the length. One of them has to do with the material. Natural stones like the ones we use at Nifty Sparkles are a great addition to a casual top or make a great contrast with something too formal that you want to tone down. Long necklaces look great even with a turtleneck. If you feel it, you can wear it.

Small details. Short necklaces with small pendants are a choice that we should all consider because they’re super useful for many occasions and looks. We have even Heard of women who build their entire outfit around a necklace. A short, delicate necklace looks beautiful with V-necks (yes, again), but it also looks perfect with plunging necklines in case you feel there is something missing. Tip: the more plunging the neckline, the more delicate the necklace because it creates a nice balance and it makes the neckline the perfect frame for your accessory.

Layers up. It is one of the trends of the season (it has been for a couple of seasons) and there is a certain charm to it. Good news is, layered necklaces are very easy to pull off and always look great. This idea is perfect for elegant tops and plunging necklines, and even opposites like strapless or one-shoulders. But it is also a great look for t-shirts, depending on the type of necklace. For this last option, go for natural stones or beadings, mixed with something metallic in gold or silver. Make sure to start with something delicate and build it up from there. It doesn’t have to be a look with the same necklaces, but they do have to share a vibe. 

Always remember: there are no limits when it comes to creativity. And also, remember that touches of Bohemia and natural materials are always a good addition to your wardrobe.  


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