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Ethnic inspiration: beads bold colors to lighten up your wardrobe

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Ethnic inspiration: beads bold colors to lighten up your wardrobe

Humanity has always been fascinated with other cultures: the mysticism and mystery of new worlds, combined with new materials, colors, and textures, inspires many aspects of our life: from lifestyles and subcultures to relate to, to decoration and home ideas, to fashion and accessories. These fascinating places are an infinite source of cultural production and therefore, designers and brands all over the world are inspired by their colors and craftsmanship.  Nifty Sparkles is no exception to that desire. As citizens of the world and travelers, we are fascinated with the colors and materials that other cultures put in their accessories, and we want our brand to be a reflection of an eclectic, ethnic style.

Fun, colorful accessories are the way to brighten up an outfit without much effort, and also to feed your fashion sense with pieces that are original and pretty. When you wear a piece of jewelry inspired by the technique or culture of another culture, you are also wearing a piece that can be a conversation starter or make you stand out from a group, as the new fashionista in charge!

Do we still have to convince you? If so, keep reading the reasons why you should try ethnic inspired, colorful jewelry, or add more to your collection if you are already a fan.

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It goes with all your wardrobe. We said it from the start: colorful accessories are the best way to brighten up an outfit but not only for their colors but also because they are the perfect match to almost every piece in your wardrobe. This type of jewelry will go perfectly with your more casual looks (think jeans and a t-shirt, cotton dresses and so on) as well as your more serious looks, in which it will have the function of toning down the seriousness of it while giving you a pop of color at the same time. Try mix and matching styles, you won’t regret it!

Layers are the name of the game. Layered necklaces are one of the biggest trends in jewelry these days. And as much as we mostly see it with metallic accessories, you can definitely create a great mix with a colorful, beaded necklace in between all those metals. Just make sure to create a good balance: if your necklace has a lot of colors, beads or pendants, you might want to keep the others simple and vice versa. However, if you want to go all for it, layer your favorite colorful necklaces with your next neutral outfit. Everyone is going to wonder how it didn’t occur to them before.

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Prices that won’t ruin your budget. For all of us jewelry lovers, budget is a problem because silver and/or gold jewelry is not exactly affordable, and in most cases, you end up with pieces that have certain baths or parts of precious metals, or even worse… you end up buying something affordable that will peel off in a matter of weeks, if not days. This is not a problem with beaded colorful jewelry like the one we have for you a Nifty Sparkles, which are designed to be stylish and, because of the materials we use, they stay within a reasonable price point without sacrificing quality.

Time is not a problem. Since we started talking about ethnically inspired jewelry, we said that fascination with other cultures is something that resists the pass of time. And that is what happens with beaded eclectic jewelry: they become timeless pieces that you are going to wear for a long time. You can even update them with different additions to your wardrobe, but they will always look like they are a new collection coming to stores!


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