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Lucky charms: accessories give to your loved ones on the holidays

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Oh, we are in that time of the year again! The last month of the year usually comes with promises for the year to come, good intentions to help people, joy and trees… but also a long list of presents to give to the people that are closer to you. Friends, family, partner, there is always someone in the list who gets a little difficult to give a present to, and there is always stress coming with the possibility of not finding a good present for that person.

That is why a cute piece of jewelry might be exactly what you need to nail it with your presents this year. An accessory, when picked right, is timeless and meaningful, which means you don’t even need to be in Christmas in order to give a nice present. If you ordered something that is not going to arrive in a timely manner, or if you are seeing your friends until after the holidays, it is also completely fine to give them a present. The most important thing is the intention, which is why you can transform your holiday present and make it into a charm for the new year, channeling your wishes to your favorite group of people, in a single piece of jewelry.

Matching with the bride tribe: When your best friend is getting married and naturally makes you the maid of honor, tradition says you are in charge of organizing things such as the bachelorette party, in which is customary that the other bridesmaids receive a gift. And for your bride tribe, why not giving them a matching present that represents friendship and the moment that you are going through. What about giving them a blue bracelet? This color, represented gemstones by lapis lazuli and topaz is a deep rich shade that represents friendships and strong bonds. And if you think about, it could be the bride’s “something blue”.

For that person who needs luck: Green is a color that has been largely associated with luck, but the truth is, is very predictable and there are other tones you can choose for that end. If the kind of luck you want to transmit is related to money, the right color is yellow, as in the citrine. Yellow is color associated with prosperity and wealth in Asian cultures. And what about coral, a stone believed to provide happiness and courage? Or the purple as in the sodalite believed to give communication and efficiency. And now that we think about it, why not choosing a multicolor piece from Nifty Sparkles to attract all kinds of luck?

Orange for your siblings: It is believed that orange stones are providers of strong bonds of family love, so a bracelet or a necklace for your siblings would be a perfect gift. Experts say that a deep orange shade signifies hospitality, home, and heart, as well as keeping a family together. The same idea works for teams or really close groups of friends, in general maintaining the sense of unity and collaboration, two things every family needs. 

For bringing or keeping love: You probably think that red is the color of love, but just like with luck, the spectrum goes in another way. In the jewelry world, pink (as in rose quartz) is the color believed to attract love, so you might want to start carrying it for yourself. But if you are lucky enough to be in love in this time of the year and want to bring the best wishes to your relationship, a silver or grey color of stone (resembling that of Moonstone) is the way to go. And this is actually perfect because if your guy is the minimalist type, he would not mind carrying a love bracelet in a neutral color.


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