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There is always time for a bracelet!

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When we talk about accessories, as with anything in fashion, the options are so many that you can’t help but leave some of them behind. In the past couple of seasons we have been experiencing a hype for earrings, the bigger the better; an excitement that has been in a fierce competition with different types of necklaces, like chokers or layered necklaces (we talked about them in previous posts in case you want to check them out!). However, and even when some people do not notice them, bracelets are a colorful, fun choice for accessorizing that can serve many purposes we know you might not have thought of.

When we hear bracelets we normally imagine kids pieces with beads or something made with diamonds, but not many people have thought that there is an entire universe in between. That universe is definitely something we have a lot of thought to, and it’s the reason why we created a variety of bracelets that can go with any outfit or can stand alone or be the fun members of an arm party. And that is exactly the thing we love the most about bracelets: the many possibilities we have, from an original gift to a form of bond to cool statement, there are many things and many times you can have use of a bracelet.

Brothers in arms. There are many noticeable ways in which a person can prove a bond with others: siblings/friends/partners tattoos, which seem too permanent, matching t-shirts or hats, which a sound a bit too childish for adults or matching pieces of jewelry, which seems like a good idea for any ages and it will be a good idea because you can customize them and add colors, pendants, etc. A set of matching bracelets is an idea that is convenient, colorful and has the perfect size to be noticeable and subtle at the same time. Plus, they are great conversations starters anywhere in the world, and you have a lot of options to choose from.

Sizing is better. Hasn’t it happen to you that you buy a cute top for your friend but she has to return it because it not the right size? It is a common mistake that, over the years, has taught to reconsider when buying things that have a size. And that is when bracelets come in handy because most of them don’t have a size or have adjustable straps, clasps or any sort of mechanism to close. That way you will give a gift that is cute, original, colorful (if you pick any of our options at Nifty Sparkles) and you don’t have to worry about returns.

Arm party. Who says you can only carry one bracelet? Wearing multiple at the time an become a symbol of style, and even something people will recognize you for. Think of celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Sarah Jessica Parker or Alessandra Ambrosio, all of the women who enjoy wearing several bracelets, with different styles and materials at the time, putting that bohemian vibe on their looks and adding an instant pop of color to a neutral look.

Something for the kids. In a previous post, we talked about how making or collecting jewelry could be a special activity to share with your little ones, because it encourages them to start a collection of things and it teaches them the value of responsibility. Matching bracelets can also be a nice bonding thing to have with your kid, so you can pick the colors, pendants and other materials to match and have a cute memory that most likely your kid is going to share in school.


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