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What you need to know to pick jewelry for your kids

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Every mom knows that there is a special joy in helping your kids to pick their clothes and even a bigger joy in helping them develop a particular style. Little kids tend to imitate the style of their parents, so surely there will be no surprises when your little ones tell you they want to start collecting accessories. And as scary as that can be (because, you know, they grow up so fast!), it is also a fun opportunity to create a new hobby with them, while also bonding as parents.

Picking up accessories for your children doesn’t have to be a huge task, but you can make it into something fun. However, it can be a tricky thing to do if we don’t want to encourage behaviors like consumerism in our little since they are, well… too little. Teaching your kid the habit to shop is something that must be done with precaution, but that should not stay in the way of their curiosity for exploring style and, furthermore, imitate yours. So, if your boy or girl are asking you for accessories already, these tips can make it easier!

Make it an experience: Life around kids is all about creating new experiences and opportunities to bond with them, and what better time to do it that helping them pick up a piece of jewelry! There are many ways in which you can achieve this. The first and most popular ones are to help them not picking it… but making it. There are many options of bracelet/necklaces making sets that you can get and bring home for your kids to pick their own beadings, colors, length, and so much more. If you are not great with the manual skills is not a big deal, because you can learn together.

Start with the simple: As much as you want your children to have high-quality items, young ages are not exactly the best time to start a fine jewelry collection. First of all, they will not be attractive to most kids (who can consider them boring) and second, it will be an expensive investment that they are not going to take care of, let alone to have fun with. When buying your kids their first accessories you should make sure that they are from a high quality, but at the same time have an affordable price that you don’t regret to pay for in the future.

Play with colors: When we talk about jewelry, silver and gold are the most obvious choices, but, again, we are talking about kids. When we started creating our kids' collection, the first thought that came to our minds was to have plenty of colors to match with children’s outfits and to make it appealing to them. It is all about having fun for them at this point, so get them something they can see as cool and cute, so they can have something to talk about with their friends!

Teach them to care: Even though we are talking about your little ones and that most things that you get to your kids get lost or end up broken, you can also take their new interest in jewelry as an opportunity to teach them to care about their belongings. Give them a new piece every time they achieve something in school, or when they are completing their chores. But also, encourage the responsibility of not losing or breaking any of the pieces with every new gift, so your little one can have both a present and a lesson.


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