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Yin Yang Bracelet




Handle Size​: 7 Inches   

Gemstone​: Howlite 
Beads Size​: 6mm Beads   - 
Beads​: Lava stone 
Beads Size​: 6mm (1 Bead)  - 
Metal Spacer


Handle Size​: 8 Inches 
Gemstone​: Black Lava
Stone  Beads Size​: 8mm Beads   - 
Beads​: Howlite 
Beads Size​: 8mm (1 Bead)   
Metal Spacer  

This bracelet set was created to help calm and relax your mind while giving yourself strength, stability, and courage in times of change. Wear these two bracelets together or give one to a friend or significant other.

Lava Stone is a powerful grounding stone that helps promote strength, stability, and courage in times of change while helping you release any anger or stress that may be holding you back.

Howlite is a beautiful white gemstone that helps reduce any anxiety, tension, and stress you may be dealing with. It can also help the slow and overactive mind and achieve deep and restful sleep.

This can also make a great couples gift! Give one of the bracelets to your partner as a constant reminder of the balance and harmony between the two of you. If you would like the bracelets to be two different sizes, please send me a message with the two different sizes.
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