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People often daydream about creating the perfect business idea with their best friends or close relatives, and to make a living out of a project that fulfills all their goals and represent their values. This is what we have been dreaming of since the day we met, 10 years ago in a small Spanish village called San Pere de Ribes.

Like most women, we have a huge interest in all things fashion, including accessories and shoes, and we wanted something that reflected our taste and of course, our identities. And since we had trouble finding the jewelry we wanted or our favorite colors while we were shopping, we decided to create our own line, this same one that we are presenting to you today.

Nifty Sparkles is the result of years of dreaming, planning, and our daily inspiration. We want you to have fashionable, chic and stylish pieces that can go with you to any moment of your life, filling it with color. All the pieces are created by us, in our home.
We’re constantly traveling with our families and getting to know different countries, cultures, religions, and traditions, that is why we make our best to keep our designs eclectic yet delicate… there is something for every taste!

From a little pendant that will go perfectly with your favorite t-shirt or casual clothes, to a layered necklace that will make heads turn… we have something for you. Our jewelry is full of colors and meaning, and it is a true pleasure to bring to you to make it part of your life.

We welcome you to our site, that has been built from a dream and wants you to feel our creations as much as we do. We want them to be a part of your life and a way to celebrate everything you have. Our brand is a dream because we believe everything is possible… even to now share this passion with the world!


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