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Charlene Minimalist Necklace


A princess look is not far away when you wear this necklace around your neck. It is designed beautifully with fine beads of size 1mm-3mm or 0.04 inch-0.12 inch. It's a long necklace with a length of 13.5 inches approximately. Its color combination makes it look even more pretty around your neck, making it completely suitable with any kind of outfit. Buy this necklace right now and prove to the world that you are really a princess. 

Size: approximately 13.4-inch length / 34cm

Beads size: 0.04-inch to 0.12-inch / 1mm to 3mm 



To preserve the longevity of your Nifty Sparkles jewels, follow these simple tips : 

- Always remove your jewels before shower, sleep & exercise.
- Keep the jewelry away from water & humidity. Store them in a dry place such as a box or zip-lock bag.
- Avoid spraying perfumes or applying cosmetics on the skin in contact with the jewels.

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